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Moving forward in Burma   Yangon Areawide Christian Retreat
Converts Send Out Missionaries

 Baptizing one of eight at a seminar earlier in March 2014
BURMA (Myanmar) the Life Saving Work Goes On Telling the Story of Jesus to an entire village on a battery powered T. V. set at the request of the Village Chief.

Yangoon Myanmar, May 30, 2008 - First Response effort

The local Christians are feverishly involved in distributing first response relief supplies to the areas hardest hit by the cyclone. From Yangoon to the most devastated area is a 2 to 3 days journey by bus and boat so they are going and coming, taking supplies from Yangoon that cannot be purchased there and buying food stuff on the scene fro distribution. Thus far they have only been able to help about 150 families but with our input of funds they are gearing up to provide for 2000 or more in especially chosen areas that have been neglected thus far by others.

Longer Range plans are being formulated in an effort to impact the chosen areas for good and to help people get back on their feet as quickly as possible while establishing a permanent presence for the church.

The death and destruction is unbelievable. Whole towns and villages disappeared. Brethren report dead bodies are floating everywhere and that the Government is using large ships with nets stretched between them to gather the bodies. Because of the fear of cholera epidemics they are towing the bodies out sea and releasing them rather then attempting to retrieve them for burial.

The sea water that came inland more the 200 miles has turned their rice paddies into salt paddies where nothing will grow for three or four years and has left the poorest of the poor without a means of food production.

Politics and Old Tribal rivalries has played a roll in who is receiving aid from the government and people of minority groups are being basically condemned to death unless they get help from outside.

Now is the time for Christian to act quickly to save hundreds of thousands of people and show God's love while sharing His salvation. Many whom have never had the opportunity to hear that Jesus lives, can now be taught if we will respond to this crisis while there is yet time.