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BURMA (Myanmar) the Life Saving Work Goes On Telling the Story of Jesus to an entire village on a battery powered T. V. set at the request of the Village Chief.

Friday, May 23, 2008

By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer

NAYPYITAW Myanmar - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, on a mission to open Myanmar to international disaster assistance, said the ruling junta agreed Friday to allow "all aid workers" into the country to help cyclone survivors.

Thousands May DIE because of Political Fallout In Myanmar

The response to one of the worst disasters in our time is suffering from a lack of monetary contributions by governments and lay people because of the political fallout. World Vision Australia director said, “The contributions are very slow in coming because of all of the political fall out caused by the struggle between the Myanmar Military Junta and foreign governments.” Aid agencies are saying contributions are much slower in coming then usual because of the Political news.  The UN reported today, May 1, that only 25% of the victims of the cyclone had received aid and more then 1.5 million may stare and die of disease unless help comes quickly. Brethren are now on the scene working frantically to save some but more funds are needed to meet this tremendous crisis. Partners In Progress is working with other brethren and aid agencies to do all we can.  Our man, Phil Gardner, is there now and I plan to be there in a few days.  (I'm presently tied down with the Ship of Life in Cambodia because Director Dr. Rick Northen is away for 2 months.) 

The non-political, suffering peasants are starving to death and the world is, for the most part, not responding. An estimated 2 million may die unless help reaches them soon. Asia News Network is showing pictures of scores of decomposed bodies of flood victims floating up stream where thousands are forced to get their drinking water. Cleanup operations cannot be done without money. Food cannot be transported without money. Medicines can not be delivered unless there are funds.

As Christians we cannot allow politics to kill 2 million Burmese. Make a donation to Partners In Progress or your favorite humanitarian aid organization to help the innocent victims of World Politics.