Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Moving forward in Burma   Yangon Areawide Christian Retreat
Converts Send Out Missionaries

 Baptizing one of eight at a seminar earlier in March 2014
BURMA (Myanmar) the Life Saving Work Goes On Telling the Story of Jesus to an entire village on a battery powered T. V. set at the request of the Village Chief.

Devastation Rocks Myanmar (Burma)

The Country Is Left Helpless

In February we spent four weeks teaching in Yangon, Myanmar, a city of 7 million people that is tonight reeling with thousands dead and injured and without Power and Water and food shortages. A powerful Cyclone hit the city and the Irawaddy Peninsula leaving, Reuters says, estimates of up to 13,000 dead and thousands more injured. We have the local contacts in place to deliver the necessary aid NOW.

Christians there, meeting in small house churches, are reeling. NOW IS THE TIME, history tells us, to impact that society and positively influence the government.

Just as you have partnered with us in Indonesia & Sri Lanka following the Tsunami, Poland Kosovo, AlbaniaRomaniaCuba and Vietnam in times of similar crises and disasters and have helped hundreds of thousand of hopeless people find hope, changed repressive governments attitudes toward Christians and planted hundreds of churches as a result, we appeal to you to respond once again and "show Myanmar (Burma) and the world that God loves them and that Christians care."

As we leave for Myanmar this week we are acting in good faith that Christians will respond and are borrowing $200,000 to allow us to all respond immediatelyMILLIONS OF DOLLARS are needed to properly respond.

Please partner with us with as much as you can. Send checks to the address below marked Myanmar Relief or you can use your credit card at this website to respond immediately.

Thousands are needing your immediate help!