Monday, June 24, 2024
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Moving forward in Burma   Yangon Areawide Christian Retreat
Converts Send Out Missionaries

 Baptizing one of eight at a seminar earlier in March 2014
BURMA (Myanmar) the Life Saving Work Goes On Telling the Story of Jesus to an entire village on a battery powered T. V. set at the request of the Village Chief.

Our co-workers with School children

Our co-workers with School children wearing the rain ponchos they received from you through Partners In Progress!

Our co-workers just returned from making their sixth delivery to the area most devastated by Cyclone Nargis. They reported being stopped by starving men who begged them to come to their villages. Six months after the storm they still have not received any aid.

Although they had only enough supplies to deliver to the five villages (more then 30000 people) that we have adopted to help, they talked to those village leaders and asked them to share what was destined for them. With the two additional starving villages in their area , they agreed to help knowing their own families would suffer by doing so.

Sooooo, we took on 2 more villages with an additional 300 people to feed.

USA Today reported November 5th that many in the hard hit Irawaddy Delta region, where 83,000 were killed and 173,000 are still missing, that thousands are starving. Northern Burma is now also suffering from a terrible rat infestation that has eaten this years crop, leaving hundreds of thousands more without food. (A Christian brother from that area sent a message to me today, November 7, asking for aid for his village.)

Partners In Progress is committed to feeding as many of these hungry people as possible and your help is what makes it possible. Please ask your friends, churches and acquaintances to join us in this massive undertaking. Send your check to Burma Relief, P.O. Box 13989, Maumelle, AR 72113, USA or make a contribution on line with your credit card.